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Women's Color Photo Club of Minneapolis

Photography and Camaraderie Since 1944

A b o u t     U s

How we began . . .

In 1944, Thelma Beers, PhD (1913-2012) loved photography and submitted a slide, anonymously, to the Men's Photo Club of Minneapolis. Her image of a dramatic night sky filled with lightning won. Unfortunately, when the club learned the slide was taken by a woman, it was disqualified.

Never one to be deterred, Thelma, with four female friends who also liked to take photographs, organized The Women's Color Photo Club of Minneapolis (WCPC). Seventy-one years later, WCPC continues to hold monthly salons and to share its love of photography.

The Men's Photo Club is no longer active.

Thelma remained an active club member until she passed away in 2012 at the age of 99. Those who knew her will not forget her enthusiasm and willingness to share what she knew about photography with others. Today, WCPC carries on the tradition and continues to provide an opportunity for women to share their images and ideas about photography.

We invite you to attend a monthly salon. Watch this site for more information on meeting dates and venues. See you there!

Note: Members can learn more about Thelma (her credentials from the Photographic Society of America and photographic techniques) in the Members Only section.

     Photo competitions (monthly salons) are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month, March through December. (Occasionally, a meeting date may change because of scheduling or venue conflicts -- see "Home" page for updates.)

A short meeting is held to discuss club business and any upcoming events before the salon. After the salon, the judge for the evening often presents a short program of his or her photography.

     In 2011, WCPC opened up internet memberships for women outside the Twin Cities Metro area. Internet members e-mail their entries for competitions once a month (just as "regular" members do). Internet members' entries are pooled and judged with regular members' entries.


    Because internet members are often not able to attend meetings and salons, we hope to include judges' comments about each slide (anonymously) on the website. This feedback. along with the camaraderie of the meeting itself, is important for improving our photography and sharing techniques. Look for these comments in the "Members Only" section of the website soon.

     Monthly salons include two competitions. The first competition is for a category or topic assigned by the club. The category may be specific (e.g., bridges, trees, buildings, pets) or general (e.g., shadows, nature, unusual perspectives). Categories are assigned a year in advance, so members have time to create images to fit the category.

    The second part of the monthly competition is the "Open" category. Members may submit up to two images on a subject of their own choosing.

    In summary , a member may submit two entries for each competition—"Category" and "Open"— for a total of four entries per month.  

Who are the judges?

     Judges are winning photographers with judging experience who have agreed to provide constructive feedback. The focus (no pun intended) is to help us make better photographs in our own unique styles.

     Members may also comment on an image. The photographer remains anonymous unless she wants to volunteer information about how she made the image or has specific questions for the judge.

    In other words, competition is anonymous for everyone until the end of the salon when the judge hands out certificates for the winning images.

What do the scores mean?

     Each image is given a number of points (from 3 to 12). (Generally, 3s are giving only for "out of category." ) Only images with 9 points or higher are accepted and considered for year-end competition. Images with 9 points are "accepted" (AC). Those with 10 points, receive an Honorable Mention (HM). Images with 11 or 12 points win an "Award" (AW).

     In December, we have an annual Potluck (or a catered meal if a venue does not allow us to bring food from home). Awards are given for Slide of the Year and to the three members with the highest Total Cumulative Points for the year.

How do we submit different formats?

    Digital images for competition must be sized so that the image can be easily e-mailed and shown on standard projection equipment. Therefore, members need to know how to use at least one photo-editing software program that allows them to resize and edit photographs.

    There are guidelines how to resize digital images on this website. (See the Monthly Salon section.) Briefly, the image should be approximately 1024 pixels on the long side and in a jpeg format.

     Prints follow print guidelines (See N4C).

     Slides must be made available in digital format for showing.

     There are many photo software programs available for editing and resizing Digital images. Some are simple, with just the basic tools to crop, fix red-eye, etc. Others, like Photoshop, have more tools than many of us will ever use. Choose the one that works best for you. 

What other club activities are there?

     WCPC also offers field trips, workshops, and special events during the year with opportunities to meet other people interested in photography. (See "Upcoming Events" on this website.)

What does it cost to become a member?

     The cost for annual membership—Regular or Internet—is $25. It is due on or before the March meeting of the new year. Send a check to Terry Sposito, along with your name, address, and e-mail address. You will then be added to the list of internet members and be able to access the full website. You are encouraged to compete in the monthly salons.

     When you become a member, you will receive a pair of numbers to identify your entries for competition. The judge will not know the name of the maker during judging and you will be anonymous. Your name will be announced only if your image is accepted or receives an award.

Where do I send my entries?

     To enter competitions, e-mail your Category and Open entries no later than the 10th of the month (March through December) to Linda Rutherford.